using hand sanitiser to do sanitzing

Now, more than ever, it is essential to understand how to effectively protect yourself, your family, or even your employees from germs and infections. Unfortunately, there is quite a lot of misunderstanding about the type of cleaning we should apply. The terms cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting are sometimes used interchangeably, yet there are significant variations between them.…

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The Differences Between Clean, Sanitize, Disinfect And Sterilize

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Please note that the following comments are a very basic approach to the subject and many may disagree with my terms and definitions. This conversation is welcome and encouraged. “Cleaning” in its most basic terms is to remove all visible soils. “Sanitize” has to do with using a “sanitizer” or “disinfectant” to kill up to…

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How to stay away from the diarrhea killer “Norovirus”

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The colder the weather, the “culprit” of the diarrhea in the autumn and winter seasons – the Norovirus, has long been raging. So, what exactly is Norovirus? How to prevent Norovirus? Gao Yan, the chief physician of the Infectious Diseases Management Office of Peking University People’s Hospital, and assistant researcher Qi Jiqiu will give a…

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The impact of hand hygiene on geriatric homes

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Generally the health of the elderly is more vulnerable. An intestinal infection or a respiratory virus can lead to more complications and a longer recovery. 80% of all infections are transmitted through the hands. Washing your hands can prevent the transmission of respiratory viruses, influenza virus, enterovirus and respiratory syncytial virus, among others, as well…

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