Surgical Handwashing

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Surgical handwashing requires a series of well-defined steps to prevent any type of cross-contamination from occurring in hospitals. Surgical handwashing aims to eliminate as many pathogens as possible from the hands and arms before entering the operating room to avoid cross contamination. Surgical handwashing, unlike conventional handwashing, is performed with soapy compositions containing povidone iodine…

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Going Touchless is a High-Tech Solution to Hand Hygiene Compliance

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While handwashing compliance among healthcare workers (HCWs) and allied staff remains notoriously low in numerous hospitals, perhaps it’s time to realize that their behavior as “civilians” when not on the job may have a lot to do with it. Recent surveys indicate that an alarming number of people don’t wash their hands after using a…

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How to choose the right hand sanitizer?

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Recently, parents of a kindergarten in Shenzhen found that spots and fading on their children’s clothes were suspected of being corroded. The children also said that the water used in kindergarten washing was smelly. After consultation with parents, it was learned that the kindergarten used a strong disinfectant powder to wash the hands of the…

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