Ambulance cleaning and disinfection guide

sterilization in ambulance

Cleaning and disinfection in ambulances should be a quick and effective process to ensure the safety of the patients being treated. Ambulances or sanitary transport transport daily to sick people who may have suffered accidents or who have acquired some type of infectious disease. To ensure the safety of health personnel traveling in the ambulance…

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World Handwashing Day: Attention! Washing your hand is not a small thing

hand washing day

October 15th is World Handwashing Day. Some people will think, “Where there is so much attention to washing your hands, just put it under the faucet.” Although we wash our hands every day, most people don’t know how to wash their hands properly and scientifically, even “washing more dirty” . Are you really doing the…

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What are the factors that affect the disinfection effect?

sanitizer, sanitise

When disinfecting (sterilization), in addition to paying attention to the nature and characteristics of the disinfection method itself, it is also necessary to pay attention to the influence of the use method and external factors on the disinfection effect. Regardless of the toxic method used, the disinfection effect will be affected by many factors. The…

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Cleaning care for everyone is in your hands

hygiene, infection control, hospital

Nowadays, many medical staff still do not really realize the importance of hand hygiene. The compliance of hand hygiene (in short: washing hands at the time of hand hygiene as required) is still very low. Some people have a pair of gloves to contact many patients, some people only change gloves and do not wash…

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