8 Hand Sanitizer Mistakes to Avoid

touchless sanitizer dispenser solution

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, proper sanitation has become a matter of life and death. As a result, many companies had to think of ways to protect their employees. Hence, it is not surprising that hand sanitizers have become ubiquitous. They allow people to stay clean and safe from all germs, bacteria, and viruses.…

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How to properly wash hands to prevent new coronavirus pneumonia?

hand washing

Let’s first see how the virus spreads? 1. The virus is mainly transmitted through droplets such as sneezing and coughing, and the infection is caused by direct or indirect contact with the mucous membranes such as the mouth, nose and eyes. 2. Contact with virus-contaminated items can also be infected through the above routes. 3.…

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How to Tell the Difference between cold & flu

cold or flu

You can get a cold anytime — spring, summer, or fall, but most likely in winter. Flu season typically runs from November through March, although you can get it in October or as late as May. You can catch the flu at other times of the year. Do you know the difference of cold and…

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The impact of hand hygiene on geriatric homes

Women's day

Generally the health of the elderly is more vulnerable. An intestinal infection or a respiratory virus can lead to more complications and a longer recovery. 80% of all infections are transmitted through the hands. Washing your hands can prevent the transmission of respiratory viruses, influenza virus, enterovirus and respiratory syncytial virus, among others, as well…

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Wash hands & disinfection, Noro is no longer poisonous!

Norovirus, prevention, hygiene

Norovirus, also known as Norovirus, is highly infectious and mainly transmitted by the intestines. It can be transmitted through contaminated water, food, articles, air, etc., often in densely populated places such as schools, restaurants, hospitals, and nurseries. Causes concentrated disease. Norovirus infectious diarrhea is a self-limiting disease. There are no vaccines or special effects at…

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