Common Colds: Protect Yourself and Others

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Common colds are the main reason that children miss school and adults miss work. Each year in the United States, there are millions of cases of the common cold. Adults have an average of 2-3 colds per year, and children have even more. Most people get colds in the winter and spring, but it is…

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Infection prevention and contro

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Hand hygiene is the cornerstone of infection prevention and control (IPC). When timely and optimally performed, it reduces healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), antimicrobial resistance, health costs, and saves lives. Poor compliance with hand Hygiene practices remains both a problem and a challenge for IPC practitioners all over the world. The under-5 mortality rate in Uganda is…

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The truth of hand washing

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Myth 1: Wash with hot water is better than cold water. Most of us think hot water helps kill germs and bacteria on our hands. But the reality is, the water would have to be scalding hot to make that happen. In fact, hot water may work against us. Water that is too hot may…

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