Thanksgiving for the women around you who give silently

March 8 – A holiday worth celebrating, March 8, International Working Women’s Day, the United Nations Women’s Rights and the International Day of Peace. The name of the festival that women all over the world have earned through struggle. Her majesty is like the majesty and solemnity of Mount Tai and the Yellow River, which cannot be replaced. This name contains respect, appreciation and deep love for women. Every weak woman is strong as a mother. Warriors who are strong as teachers and strong as doctors, on this day, all the glory belongs to that half of the sky. Please send holiday greetings to them, your mother, sisters, colleagues and classmates, as well as the thousands of working women around you.

We know Women’s History Month is not only about honoring the most memorable women in history that have left indelible marks on our society, but it is also about the mothers, grandmothers, sisters, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and others who have made an impact. Sometimes what seems ordinary to one person may be extraordinary to another.

Wishing every great mother a happy holiday! You brought us to this world, thank my mother for accompanying us to grow up, from ignorant teenagers to mature and capable, our every step is inseparable from the care and love of our mother.

Bless the majority of female teachers, happy holidays! Thank you for your tireless teaching, youth is your oath; the podium is your stage; the blackboard is your partner; the chalk is your assistant; knowledge is your wealth; and you are the glory of your students.

Students at classroom

classroom, leaning

I wish the majority of female anti-epidemic personnel, happy holidays! Today, in our anti-epidemic battle without gunpowder smoke, you are the front half of the sky, the hundreds of female soldiers in white fighting on the front line, the PLA female commanders, female researchers, community female staff, the aunts on duty, Ordinary workers and unpaid donors and volunteers, pay tribute to the women who are on the front line of the fight against COVID-19! A word to you: Happy International Women’s Day on March 8!