The history of hand sanitizer

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Now more than ever, hand sanitizers have regained their importance in our daily routines. The global pandemic has made everybody focus on making everything clean and virus-free. This liquid can now be found everywhere, making our hands clean whenever we need it. The chances are, you’ve just used it before reaching your gadget to read this article. Now, let’s find out more about the history of hand sanitizer, making sure we understand its importance in the situation we are in today.

The history of hand sanitizer – when and where it was invented?

The facts about the invention of hand sanitizer are not 100% clear, but there’s a story about a young Latina student who invented it. Lupe Fernandez mixed alcohol and gel to help doctors sanitize their hands when there was no water around. This happened in 1966, and the story says that when she presented her invention, she recognized how commercial it could become. Then, she contacted an invention center and registered her idea. However, there’s no proof of such a patent record, even though there’s a record of Lupe’s existence.

The usage of hand sanitizer over the years

Until a couple of years ago, hand sanitizers were mostly used in hospitals and by health professionals. However, the sales increased when the H1N1 swine flue happened. More medicine workers recommended using this product in trying to stop the spread of the virus. It multiplied the sales of hand sanitizers. However, the awareness of this product and the sales exploded with the coronavirus outbreak. More brands appeared on the market, overwhelming it with different variations of the products. Producers are now using the internet to spread awareness of the product and their brand, ensuring they reach more customers. The presence of social media and the internet, in general, made the history of hand sanitizer. The product is now sold more than ever.

The reason why the product is so popular

The simplicity of usage is the main reason why hand sanitizer is a popular product. It is an excellent alternative for proper hand-washing in a situation where clean water is not available. A modern lifestyle where people constantly move has made this product quite popular, making everyday tasks and situations much safer.

It’s efficient and easy to use – hand sanitizers have grown in popularity in the last couple of years.

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You should know that not all hand sanitizers are equally effective. There were controversies about some brands claiming their product kills 99.9 percent of the germs that cause different illnesses. These claims are slightly misleading, making people forget about the water and soap. Hand sanitizers are a good substitute for soap and water, but they are not as effective.

Using hand sanitizer correctly

Knowing the history of hand sanitizer isn’t worth a thing if you don’t use it properly. In case there’s no soap and water around, reach for your hand sanitizer bottle to disinfect your hands. However, be aware of these guidelines for maximum efficiency and safety:

  • Use the right amount of the product enough to cover the whole surface of your hands. Using too little may not be as efficient, and a considerable amount will leave a sticky film on your hands.
  • The hand sanitizer you use should contain at least 60% of alcohol. It’s an optimum amount of alcohol that’s proven to be most effective;
  • Supervise the children when they are using the product. It may not end up in their mouth or eyes;
  • Rub the product for about 20 seconds, making sure it reaches all parts of your hands, especially between the fingers;
  • Don’t use water to rinse the product after you apply it. This method will not be more effective in fighting germs.

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Proper usage is critical when applying a hand sanitizer. Alt.tag: a woman helping a child apply hand sanitizer

Protecting your new home from germs and viruses

One of the situations where people worry about their health is moving into a new home. Contacting a moving company, traveling, and unpacking in a new environment are potentially risky situations, which is why disinfecting your new home is vital. Luckily, there are ways to protect yourself and make the new home virus-free living space. Here’s how to do it.

Disinfect your moving boxes and other frequently touched items

As moving boxes will be one of the most frequently touched items, it’s essential to disinfect the items after packing and sealing them. Furthermore, ensure you wipe and disinfect other things you and the moving team will carry or touch. These include doorknobs, switches, faucets, sinks, staircase rails, furniture handles, etc.

Have protection supplies at hand

Masks and gloves are essential pieces of a safe move. However, these tend to tear or get dirty while working, so it’s best to keep the supplies at hand all the time. They will be helpful when you or your movers need a new mask or a new pair of gloves, so you don’t need to run to the store to get some.

Use the internet whenever possible

The internet has allowed us to arrange the move and buy everything we need without leaving our home. So be sure to use its benefits when moving into a new home. You can get moving quotes online, purchase packing supplies, order new pieces of furniture, etc. Staying at home will ensure maximum safety for your family.

Clean your new home in detail before unpacking

If possible, visit the new home before all the boxes arrive and give it a thorough clean. Disinfect all the surfaces, including floors, and make the space ready for moving in by placing hand sanitizers in strategic places. Hiring professionals to help you out can save you a significant amount of time. Also, if you hire skilled experts, you can be sure the house is professionally disinfected. The only thing left for you is to use your hand sanitizer before reaching the doorknob of your new home, thanking Lupe for writing the history of hand sanitizer!