The role of hand hygiene dispenser at restroom


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One of the first things people notice when they enter the restroom is the smell. Research shows that encountering a bad bathroom smell can cause nearly 80% of people to have a negative view of the business. 67% of survey respondents said that an unpleasant smell in an institution’s public restrooms makes them less likely to go shopping there, while 60% said they would choose to leave immediately or not return at all, clean and fresh restrooms Essential to creating a good impression.

In addition, the cleanliness of the sink countertop and the supporting cleaning facilities will also affect the experience. For example, how does it feel when we need to wash our hands and find that the soap dispenser is not working because of a malfunction, or that the button we manually pressed is dirty? We’ve all experienced frustration with poor quality products in the restroom, and it’s those experiences that sabotage your efforts elsewhere. More than ever, people want to feel that you are taking their health and safety seriously. They are no longer ready to take shortcuts with minor dissatisfaction, and neither should you.

The lost productivity, unnecessary waste, and increased costs associated with having to replace poor quality soap dispensers and bottles on a regular basis is another unwanted and unnecessary consequence of not prioritizing durability and refill life. Choose a long-lasting dispenser and your users will no longer need to play soap roulette when they just want to wash their hands. Not only that, but if you buy better, you’ll reduce waste and improve your sustainability practices. Find a dispenser with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

Automatic hand disinfectant dispenser

Automatic hand disinfectant dispenser

Buying liquid soap in bulk may seem like an economical option, but it’s not what many would consider a wise budget choice when it comes to choosing restroom soap. Larger doses of low-strength soaps mean more frequent refills and more waste, adding unnecessary cost and time. In the long run, choosing a dispenser with a sealed refill can give you more controlled dispensing and lower usage costs.

Rising costs aren’t the only thing to worry about. One in four bulk hand hygiene dispensers are reported to be contaminated with disease-causing bacteria. This happens because there are multiple points on the dispenser where bacteria can contaminate the supply supply, such as open tops and buttons.

Often, units are not cleaned, but are “topped up” according to guidelines and then cannot be decontaminated. 80% of germs are spread by hands, so if the products designed to help clean your hands are themselves contaminated, your restroom isn’t doing what it should to protect people and your business. Since workers take an average of three days of sick leave a year, costing a business with 100 employees around €40,600 a year, the spread of germs in your facility can also affect productivity!

With 86% of consumers actively looking to brands to help them become greener, it is understandable that many businesses are looking for ways to operate in a more sustainable way, including in the restroom. Users may prefer contactless dispensers, but these are traditionally battery powered, of which only 5% are recycled.

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A great hand hygiene solution looks smart and well thought out. Soap dispensers are part of the fabric of your environment, showing that hand hygiene is not just a fixed solution, but at the heart of your brand experience.

Wall-mounted soap dispensers become even more important when space is at a premium, freeing up valuable counter space. We recommend that you not be tempted by small pump-top bottles that get dirty quickly and need to be replaced regularly. If you choose reliable products that are designed with small spaces in mind, you can provide a high-quality hand hygiene experience and reduce clutter.