The Slow Food Movement Can Help Mindful Eating

The Slow Food Movement – which started in Italy in the 1980s – encourages people to slow the pace of life in order to truly savor not only foods and beverages, but the pleasure of eating and the companionship of friends and family sitting around the table. Traditional foods that are fresh, made from local ingredients and served during leisurely meals are the focus of this movement. From a health perspective, this philosophy is a much-needed departure from “fast food,” which is designed to be eaten on the run. If you want to get involved in the Slow Food Movement, try the following:

  1. Shop for fresh, organically grown local produce and meats at farmers’ markets. Speak to these farmers about their growing practices and stories. Knowing the meaning behind your food creates another level of appreciation.
  2. Patronize restaurants that specialize in local or regional foods. They are also the ones that tend to change the menu seasonally which can mean a fresher variety of foods.
  3. Keep family traditions alive. Think about the foods your grandparents prepared for holidays or family gatherings and try to replicate what you can.
  4. When bringing food to a gathering, do not buy a store-made product. Introduce loved ones to a recipe that you enjoy using real food ingredients. Bring copies of the recipe to