The Teacher’s Day is coming

In less than a month, we will usher in the annual Teacher’s Day. This is a festival specially prepared for teachers, mainly to thank the teachers for their dedication.

On Teacher’s Day, the students will express their gratitude to the teacher in their own way. Some students will make gifts for the teacher, some will say some blessings to the teacher, and the students will express their gratitude to the teacher with their parents.

In a sense, Teacher’s Day should be the happiest day for teachers, because while their contributions have been affirmed, they have also been blessed by students and parents. However, teachers don’t think so, and even some teachers feel distressed. .

Whenever someone proposes to abolish “Teacher’s Day”, they thought they would be opposed, but the teachers who did not expect the meeting would unanimously agree. The reason is thought-provoking.

On Teacher’s Day, parents of students are in a dilemma and don’t know what to do

On Teacher’s Day, most parents of students will choose to give gifts to teachers. Some are made by the students themselves, and some are made by the parents themselves.

But parents are actually in a dilemma. If giving gifts to teachers is of no practical value, they are worried that they will be taken by other students and parents, which will make teachers misunderstand that they do not pay enough attention to the education of teachers and children.

But if the gifts from parents are too expensive, on the one hand, they will worry that the teacher will misunderstand that they want to please the teacher, and on the other hand, it may become a financial burden.

Therefore, Teacher’s Day can be said to be a dilemma for students and parents, so many parents say that they are not willing to celebrate Teacher’s Day.

Teacher’s day may be “more sad” on Teacher’s Day

But for teachers, Teacher’s Day may be even more sad, because in the face of gifts from students and parents, whether teachers accept or not may be blamed by others.

On Teacher’s Day, there will be more people watching every move of the teacher, so Teacher’s Day is not a good time for teachers, they will be tired of dealing with these scenes, fighting with them, and giving teachers a day to come. Arrange a day off to let the teachers have a good life.

So when someone proposed to cancel Teacher’s Day, the teachers had the same idea, and they all agreed. The reasons for the two are really interesting!

Teacher’s Day should not be a “teacher robbery”, otherwise it will lose its original meaning

Most teachers, for the hard work of students, so teachers are worthy of our respect. Therefore, there is such a festival, we should thank the teachers for their dedication.

But Teacher’s Day should not be a “teacher robbery”. Teachers’ contributions should be affirmed. On Teacher’s Day, everyone should not wear colored glasses.

Teachers teach and educate people and serve as examples. Although it is a job, it is great to be able to do a good job, because teachers not only affect students, but also affect the future of the motherland.

As long as teachers are given more affirmation, they will have less pressure in the process of teaching and educating people, their talents will be better displayed, and the students trained will be stronger in all aspects.

On Teacher’s Day, if teachers are “frightened”, it will not only dampen teachers’ enthusiasm for work, but may also affect the effectiveness of teachers’ lectures, which will also affect students to a certain extent.

Therefore, I hope that teachers can strictly regulate their own words and deeds, do not do misleading things, and others should be more tolerant, so that this kind of Teacher’s Day will not lose its meaning.

On Teacher’s Day, what should students and parents do to express gratitude without making it difficult for teachers to do it?

The gifts made by the students and given to the teachers can express the sincerity of the students and exercise the students’ hands-on ability.

Choosing a less expensive gift for the teacher, such as a flower, a pen, etc., can not only express the teacher’s gratitude to the teacher, but also bring the teacher some practical things, and will not make the parents of the student too much money. Many, it will not cause misunderstandings between teachers and teachers.

Finally, I hope that every teacher can really feel happy on Teacher’s Day, and hope that no one will have a bad view of the teacher in the future, because only by respecting the teacher can we develop better!