Tips for Sanitizing Your Things During a Move

a women using hand sanitiser

a women using hand sanitiser

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The global pandemic has slowed down everybody, making us more aware of our health and security. Even the moving industry has experienced a pause. However, it didn’t completely stop, as some people couldn’t postpone their moving situation. And if you protect yourself well – neither should you. Moving to another home can be perfectly safe if you follow the main sanitation guidelines. In this article, you’ll learn tips for sanitizing your things during a move, making the transition as safe as possible.

Why is sanitizing your things necessary?

Well, unless your items will be touched only by you – this may be a bit unnecessary. However, if you plan on hiring movers, your items need to be perfectly safe for delivery to the new address. Sanitizing your things during a move will surely minimize the risk of spreading viruses and germs, especially the one that’s most problematic these days – COVID19. Therefore, protection and prevention are essential in situations like moving, making sure all the items are safe for other people to touch them.

Start with packing supplies

Unlike some other viruses, coronavirus can survive on cardboard and plastic surfaces for a while. That’s why it’s best to wipe your packing supplies before using them. This will make them safe for packing and later handling by the moving team.

Packing the items

Now you have your packing supplies safe and ready; it’s time to pack the items into boxes or plastic containers. Wash your hands before and after you do the packing. Also, it’s good to use a spray sanitizer or wipe each item before you put it into boxes. This will kill any germs and prevent them from spreading into your new home.

Make sure you finish sanitizing your things before you pack items into boxes.

using hand sanitiser to do sanitzing

using hand sanitiser to do sanitzing

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Wipe commonly used items and surfaces

Some things will be frequently touched during your moving day. These include doorknobs, staircase railing, floors, etc. Make sure you wipe everything before the movers arrive, making the place as safe as possible. Also, as the movers start working, don’t forget to wipe these surfaces again once in a while. This will ensure that things that get a lot of contacts stay clean and disinfected until the job is finished.

Keep the doors open

Unless you’re moving in cold weather, you can use door stoppers to keep the entrance doors open until the movers take out everything. This will ensure nobody touches the doorknobs a lot, minimizing the risks of spreading germs.

Keep sanitizers handy

To ensure everyone can disinfect their hands whenever needed, make sure you keep hand sanitizer, alcohol, or soap and water available at all times. You can place them in the hallway or in some other spot where everyone can reach them easily. Also, be sure to provide additional face masks and gloves, as these tend to damage and get dirty when moving heavy pieces. Movers or anyone else helping should be able to replace them if necessary.

Keep hand sanitizers handy at all times.

Other tips for a safe move during the pandemic

Unfortunately, the pandemic has lasted for a while, so it can’t stop certain families from moving to their new homes. Luckily, there are some other things to consider for a safer move, apart from sanitizing your things.

Contactless arrangements

The power of the internet shouldn’t be underestimated these days. There are different services you can get online without making too much contact with other people. Experts from advise that people should schedule their moving day through the website or over the phone, get virtual quotes, order packing supplies and deal with the documentation using online databases. This is a faster and safer way to deal with the move, not risking your health at all.

Be flexible

The global pandemic gives a dose of uncertainty to every aspect of our lives, including moving. This means you should be flexible with your moving date and make sure your moving team is flexible. You may have to reschedule your moving day, so be sure to ask them about what happens in that case.

Avoid housewarming parties

Farewell or housewarming parties are a great way to start a new chapter in your new home. However, due to the current situation with the covid-19 pandemic, it might be better to postpone them. Alternatively, you can organize a party online and have a fun video call meeting with your loved ones.

Keep track of the symptoms

Moving house is undoubtedly a challenging time. People are often stressed, tired, and overwhelmed by all the tasks they need to finish and the emotions they experience. That’s why it’s essential to take care of yourself during this period and keep your health and immune system strong. Make sure you get enough sleep, eat well, and stay hydrated – nothing is more important than your health. Furthermore, be sure to monitor your body in case any of the suspicious symptoms come up. If that happens, make sure you wait until you get a negative test before you decide to move.

Portal floor stand dispenser

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Prevention is the critical step to safe relocations. Alt.tag: a person sanitizing their hands

Clean your new home, too

Sanitizing your things during a move shouldn’t end once the boxes are up in the moving truck. Don’t forget to sanitize your new home, too – before and after the moving team arrives. If you don’t have the time to do it, you can always hire professional cleaners skilled at disinfecting living spaces. This final step will ensure you arrive at the new home safely and start the new chapter in life stress-free and healthy.

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