Tips To Sustaining Floors In Schools

1. Accident and Illness Prevention

A great team keeps responsiveness top of list (of course) to control slippery spills, but we’re talking about a more comprehensive, long-term strategy. Careful attention to floor cleaning brings to light issues with floors and stairs that need maintenance or repair. The extra attention paid during deep cleaning and care makes sure that trip hazards and health risks are caught before they cause harm. Uneven tiles or cracks can be fixed before they grow worse, and mold or mildew denied a foothold in your carpet.

2. Longer Floor Life

Floors are a physical asset of the school, and the longer they last, the better the district’s return on that investment. “You bought it, you buff it,” sounds a little tongue-in-cheek, but deep cleaning, floor sealing, and restoration efforts can extend the life of your floor. For carpets, make sure to vacuum before hot-water extraction, removing dry soil and separating the pile for best results. Drying is key. Wood floors can be damaged by buildup, so daily cleaning is important, and periodic refinishing cannot be ignored.

3. Hearts and Minds

We’ve all been wowed by the before-and-after of a great carpet cleaning or gym floor restoration. And we all know that the places we learn and work every day affect how we engage, and how we see ourselves. School pride makes a difference to students and their community. Beautiful floors aren’t just good looking, they protect your district’s investment and positively impact everyone who sets foot in your school.