What is the meaning of the Chinese Valentine’s Day?

Qixi Festival is a unique Valentine’s Day in China. Unlike Valentine’s Day in the West, the date of Qixi Festival is different every year because it is calculated based on the lunar calendar and is fixed on the seventh day of July each year. So, when is the Chinese Valentine’s Day this year? What is the meaning of this holiday? Next, let’s share with everyone:

The Qixi Festival is not only a festival to worship the Seven Sisters, but also a festival of love. So when is the Qixi Valentine’s Day in 2021? What’s the meaning? Let’s take a look at the following content!

When is Chinese Valentine’s Day in 2021?
The Qixi Festival is on the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar every year, and 2021 is on Saturday, August 14.
Customs of Qixi Festival
As a classic traditional festival, the Qixi Festival has many customs, but most people only know that this is a day of reunion and meeting, but they don’t know that there are many classic customs that are not well known among the people. Let’s take a look at them.

1. piercing needles and begging for cleverness
Legend has it that the Weaver Girl is ingenious, so the girls to be married will pierce needles and beg for cleverness on this day. As for “begging for cleverness”, there are many ways. In ancient times, there was a custom of “begging for cleverness”. Girls used various peculiar ways to pierce needles, hoping that they could become as smart as their children and become proficient after marrying. Control the female celebrity and win the favor of her husband’s family.

2. Seeking for children
On this day of the Qixi Festival, there is also a custom of seeking children. People will soak mung bean, wheat and other seeds in a bowl in advance before the Qixi Festival, and after waiting for germination, they will be bunched together on the Qixi Festival, begging for more children and more blessings.

3. Dye nails
Legend has it that the Weaver Girl is as beautiful as a flower, so girls in southwest my country also have the custom of dyeing their nails on the Qixi Festival. On this day, the girls will dye their bright nails with plant slurries, put on beautiful clothes, and play and meet with good sisters.

Do you know why the Qixi Festival is set on the seventh day of July?

The reasons why the Qixi Festival is set on the seventh day of July are as follows:

Saying one
The legend of the love story of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl stipulates that the two can only meet each other on the magpie bridge on July 7 each year.

Saying two
About the record of Qiqiao. According to Ge Hong’s “Xijing Miscellaneous Notes” of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, there is a record that “Han Cai women often wear seven-hole needles in Kaijinlou on July 7th, and everyone learns it.”

Saying Three
“Seven” and “period” are homonymous, and the month and day are both “seven”, giving people a sense of time. In the folks, it is staged in terms of time, and when calculating time, it often ends with “seven seven”.

Saying four
“Qi” is homonymous with “Auspicious”, and “Qiqi” also means double auspiciousness, which is an auspicious day.