Work Together to Prevent the Spread of Flu

As facility managers focus on cleaning and disinfecting to prevent the flu, employers can do their part to keep staff healthy by providing sick leave and encouraging workers to use it. A new survey from Staples Business Advantage found that 44 percent of employed adults reported contracting the flu last and 45 percent of those who were sick believe they caught it from a colleague at work. However, 53 percent admitted they returned to work when they were still feeling sick.

The survey asked more than 1,000 employed adults what their workplaces do to combat the flu. The respondents reported that:

53 percent of their workplaces offer sick leave
51 percent offer cleaning services for common areas and bathrooms
47 percent provide tissues and 43 percent provide antiviral cleaning supplies
36 percent offer vaccination days
17 percent allow employees to work from home when they’re ill.

Learn cleaning strategies your facility can take throughout the building, including the restrooms, to help protect occupants from the flu.