Automatic dispensers for hand hygiene

One of the lessons that Covid-19 leaves us is the need to minimize contact with surfaces.

Therefore, automatic dispensers for soap or hydroalcoholic solutions are a good option. In addition to reducing the risk of cross contamination, these devices optimize product consumption, since they offer the exact dose necessary for hand washing or disinfection. And this, in the long term, translates into great savings.

We have dispensers that are activated by sensors or infrared or dispenser columns for hydroalcoholic solutions that are activated by a pedal.

Soaps with antimicrobial capacity

To combat Covid-19 we are not very interested in whether a soap contains an aroma or if it is of one color or another; what we are looking for is for it to be effective in eliminating as many microorganisms as possible.

If we want to ensure this, we must consider that the soap has bactericidal, fungicidal and / or virucidal activity, an odorless and colorless soap, totally respectful of the skin and effective against fungi, viruses, bacteria and yeasts, according to official regulations.