Automatic dispensers for hand hygiene

automatic dispenser

One of the lessons that Covid-19 leaves us is the need to minimize contact with surfaces. Therefore, automatic dispensers for soap or hydroalcoholic solutions are a good option. In addition to reducing the risk of cross contamination, these devices optimize product consumption, since they offer the exact dose necessary for hand washing or disinfection. And…

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Hygienic hand wash

using automatic sanitizer dispenser

DEFINITION Handwashing is the vigorous rubbing of previously soaped hands, followed by rinsing with abundant water, in order to remove dirt, organic matter, transient and resident flora, and thus prevent the transmission of these microorganisms from person to person . The use of alcoholic solutions for handwashing is an alternative to take seriously into account…

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Adherence of hand hygiene


The main problem with HAND HYGIENE is not related to the possibility of obtaining only good products, but to the lack of compliance with the norm. Numerous published studies conclude that health personnel wash their hands half of the times they are indicated and in general with less duration than recommended. The factors identified that…

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