Do you have an idea on how to choose the right hand sanitiser dispenser?

After the outbreak of COVID-19, there’s many new suppliers of hand sanitiser & sanitizer dispenser arised, and ACI noted that a there are a large number of new entrants into the hand sanitiser market offering bulk hand sanitiser formats and open refillable dispensers. These drug delivery systems are especially prevalent in public locations and are intended to encourage the public to get out and ‘safely’ reopen our communities (e.g., retail shopping, schools, lobbies, community outdoor settings).

Therefore, ACI (The American Cleaning Institute) is pressing the US Food & Drug Administration to clarify policies on labeling and refilling practices involving hand sanitisers.

It is believed that hand hygiene is the single most important means of preventing infection and a fundamental element of good infection control.

With many businesses working around the clock to open safely and return to some form of a “new normal,” we are seeing many people looking for Hand Sanitizer & dispensers at the first time. For many businesses, the most appropriate solution may be through a dispensing system. However, the world of dispensing can be overwhelming and confusing for someone offering it for the first time, so we are here to help simplify this for you.

At its core, there are many benefits to dispensers, including:

  • Portion control of the hand sanitizer or soap being dispensed
  • Larger refill volume than typically available via bottles which makes them easier to maintain
  • Better usability for users
  • Improved aesthetics and experience for users
  • Less clutter and less theft than refilable bottles

Those benefits all sound great, but you may be thinking to yourself – it is just a hand sanitizer dispenser, aren’t they all the same? With 20+ years of dispensing experience, we can confidently say no! The below guide will help you determine what the best option for your choice.

1. Where do you want to put the dispenser?

This may seem like an obvious question, but there are different formats for different locations. At Doctorclean®, we make 3 types: wall-mounted, free-standing, and counter-mount dispensers. Wall-mounted dispensers are by far the most common and are frequently preferred when there is wall space available nearby. Free-standing dispensers (both for floors and tabletops) leverage the same dispensers but offer an additional placement option where walls are not nearby. Finally, our counter-mount dispensers (primarily used for soap) with the dispenser mounted to the countertop.

2. Do you want them to be touch-free or manual operated (push-style or elbow operated type)?

The next question to ask yourself is whether you are looking for a touch-free or manual dispenser. Manual dispensers are the simplest dispensers, with a simple push bar that is pressed to deliver liquid. Touch-free dispensers typically offer a preferred customer experience and are more in demand recently, but they often come with additional battery cost. An often underestimated component to an ideal dispenser system is touchless operation. The sensor technology has two decisive advantages. It not only effectively prevents cross-contamination, but also demonstrably improves hand hygiene. Studies show that automatic hygiene dispensers can increase hand disinfection by up to 50 percent per patient each day.

Touchless hand sanitizer dispenser

hand sanitizer dispenser, automatic sanitizer dispenser, touch-free hand hygiene dispenser

3. What kind of refills are you going to use?

Next, you should determine what products you want to dispense (hand soap, sanitizer, or both), in what formats (foam, liquid, or gel), and other important characteristics (fragrance or non-fragranced, formula effectiveness, sustainability certifications).

4. Make sure the system is a sanitary sealed Design!

sanitary sealed dispenser refills

sanitary sealed dispenser refills

Many people considering dispensing for the first time consider systems that can be bulk filled with any liquid. They do not realize there are considerable public health risks and issues associated with refilling hand sanitizer and refilling hand soap dispensers. It is critical that your system use sealed and disposable solution to ensure you are offering a safe experience to your guests.

These key considerations should help you navigate the world of dispensing and help identify the best solution to fit your needs. It would help if you also consider the manufacturer’s experience and history for producing reliable dispensing. With all this knowledge at hand, you are now ready to select the dispensing system that is best for you!

Ningbo Changqi Bathroom Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of hand soap / sanitizer dispenser factory in China. We’re committed to provide professional and serialized hand disinfectant system solutions for public places, the dispensing device is safe and reliable, so that you can also enjoy safe and healthy warm care and care outside the home.

Founded in 2005, Ningbo Changqi (Doctorclean®) is one of the first bathroom products manufacturers in China and the earliest manufacturer in the medical disinfection market.The whole factory covers an area of 30,000 square meters, has its own injection workshop, assembly workshop and packaging workshop, with several sets of automation equipment, in order to ensure the quality of the important parts of the product 100% self-made. Main products include: manual (push type) hand sanitizer dispenser, non-contact (automatic induction) hand sanitizer, elbow operated disinfectant dispenser, etc., widely used in hospitals, schools, airports, stations, shopping malls, office buildings and other public places.