Do you know how to wash hands properly?

A study by the World Health Organization shows that proper hand washing can reduce the risk of disease by 30% to 50%.

On average, how many bacteria does a normal person have on one hand? You probably can’t think of it: 10 to the 8th power.

“The most common infectious diseases, such as respiratory infections, such as colds, pneumonia, measles, chickenpox, etc., can be spread by hand; and gastrointestinal infectious diseases such as diarrhea, especially autumn diarrhea, more than half are passed. Hand spread and infected.” Pediatric experts say that at least one-third of the hundreds of small patients received each day are diarrhea, and most of them do not have the usual habit of washing their hands frequently.

The survey showed that hand washing can reduce the diarrhea mortality rate by half and the acute respiratory infection rate by one-third. That is to say, good hand washing habits can save millions of children every year, which is more useful than any vaccine or medical intervention.

Actively promote hand washing, not only can prevent skin infections, eye infections, intestinal parasitic diseases, influenza and other diseases, but also reflect a person’s social status and education.

To this end, the World Health Organization specifically set the October 15th of each year as a “Global Handwashing Day” in 2008 to encourage the public, especially children, to wash their hands with soap.

Some people will say

Wash your hands, it’s very simple.

Can it be washed and washed?

NONONO, washing hands is easy, but washing your hands correctly is not easy!

The time to wash your hands with soap

⊙ wear contact lenses

⊙If there are infants and young children in the family, before holding the children and feeding the children’s food and after handling the baby’s stool

⊙ Outdoor sports, after playing

After going to the supermarket or shopping mall, after shopping

⊙When there are many people with more cars, after having physical contact with strangers

⊙Contacted public items, such as elevator handrails, buttons

⊙ After touching the pet

After touching the coins

Sneeze and sneeze with your hands behind your nose and mouth

⊙ take medicine, before applying the medicine to the wound

Before and after glutinous rice

How to wash your hands properly

Washing your hands may seem simple, but many people don’t “wash their hands properly.” Now the following picture shows the washing method.

The seven steps for washing hands is for your reference:

hand washing, hand clean, hand hygiene, rub hands steps

rub hands, step 2, cross hands, infection control

hand clean, hand washing

hand washing, cleaning hands, rub with alcohol


hand disinfection, hand cleaning, washing

washing hand steps

WHO hands washing steps, cleaning, hygiene


Smart, have you learned?