Importance of Hand disinfection

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Hand hygiene is the cornerstone of infection prevention and control (IPC). When timely and optimally performed, it reduces healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), antimicrobial resistance, health costs, and saves lives. Poor compliance with hand hygiene practices remains both a problem and a challenge for IPC practitioners all over the world. Hand disinfection is considered the most important…

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How to monitor the hand hygiene effect?

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Normative requirements: “Medical staff hand hygiene standards” 2009: 1. The hand disinfection effect should meet the following requirements: a) Sanitary hand cleaning, the total number of bacterial colonies monitored should be ≤10cfu/cm2 b) Surgical hand disinfection, the total number of bacterial colonies monitored should be ≤ 5cfu/cm2 2. Concept of sanitary hand disinfection and surgical…

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Do you know how to wash hands properly?


A study by the World Health Organization shows that proper hand washing can reduce the risk of disease by 30% to 50%. On average, how many bacteria does a normal person have on one hand? You probably can’t think of it: 10 to the 8th power. “The most common infectious diseases, such as respiratory infections,…

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