Hands And Feet Hygiene

The hands constitute an excellent vehicle for transmitting germs from the environment to our body. These germs can enter through the mouth or other natural holes, mucous membranes or small lesions in our skin, sometimes imperceptible. We must always keep our hands clean, because with them we touch our face, eyes, mouth; We take some food and touch other people.

You have to wash your hands with soap and water:
Every time they are dirty.
After touching animals.
Before eating or handling food.
Before and after healing any wound.
Before and after going to the bathroom.
When you have been in contact with possible sources of contamination and / or poisoning (garbage, manure, soil, toxic products …)
Special attention deserve the nails, since under them dirt can easily accumulate. Therefore, it is necessary to cut the nails frequently and carefully, giving them a rounded shape to avoid scratches, and keep them clean using a soft brush in handwashing.
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Foot care
Foot hygiene is also very important. The increased sweating and poor ventilation of this area can favor the appearance of infections, mainly those caused by fungi.

The feet should be washed daily and dry the skin perfectly, especially in the folds between the fingers to avoid the development of possible infections. The nails, like those of the hands, will be cut frequently, but in the case of the feet the edge should be cut in a straight line to avoid that, when growing, inflammations occur.