8 Hand Sanitizer Mistakes to Avoid

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Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, proper sanitation has become a matter of life and death. As a result, many companies had to think of ways to protect their employees. Hence, it is not surprising that hand sanitizers have become ubiquitous. They allow people to stay clean and safe from all germs, bacteria, and viruses.…

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How to properly wash hands to prevent new coronavirus pneumonia?

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Let’s first see how the virus spreads? 1. The virus is mainly transmitted through droplets such as sneezing and coughing, and the infection is caused by direct or indirect contact with the mucous membranes such as the mouth, nose and eyes. 2. Contact with virus-contaminated items can also be infected through the above routes. 3.…

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How to avoid infection by germs in public transport

Public transportation, germs, hygiene, contact

Avoiding germ infections in public transport is in our hands. We must be prudent and aware of the importance of hygiene. The Infosalus portal recently warned in this article about how risky is public transport for the spread of germs, defining it as “the perfect scenario for contracting viruses”. The sum of the large influx…

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how to do hand hygiene

WITH ALCOHOLIC BASED ANTISEPTIC: Apply the product in the palm of the hand. Scrub vigorously both hands Cover the entire surface of the hands and fingers. Continue scrubbing until drying (15 to 25 sec) WITH WATER AND SOAP OR ANTISEPTIC SOLUTION: Wet hands first Apply 3 to 5 cc of soapy solution (1 dispenser application)…

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The importance of hygiene for everyone’s health

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Increasing the awareness of the population about the importance of maintaining good levels of hygiene in public spaces, jobs, the home or good personal hygiene is vital to improve global health levels and gain in quality of life. According to the WHO, to promote hygiene, behavioral changes are needed through motivation, information and education. National…

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Hand hygiene solution in schools

hand washing steps

It has been shown that with good hand hygiene we prevent the spread of gastrointestinal, respiratory and food poisoning in general. For this reason it is so important to create healthy work spaces and promote good hygiene habits for young people from an early age. In schools and kindergartens, students often work with their hands;…

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Hands And Feet Hygiene

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The hands constitute an excellent vehicle for transmitting germs from the environment to our body. These germs can enter through the mouth or other natural holes, mucous membranes or small lesions in our skin, sometimes imperceptible. We must always keep our hands clean, because with them we touch our face, eyes, mouth; We take some…

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Why is hand hygiene so important?

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Thousands of people die every day worldwide due to infections acquired during their health care. The hands are the main vehicle of microbial transmission during health care. Therefore, hand hygiene is the most important measure to prevent the transmission of pathogenic germs and prevent infections associated with health care. Any healthcare worker, caregiver or person…

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City disease control creation hand washing song – “hand hygiene style”

school, disease control, hygiene

Hangzhou CDC created a hand-washing song – “hand hygiene style”, which will include “when to wash your hands”, “why should we wash our hands”, and “how to wash your hands properly” into the popular songs, let everyone sing Song has learned to wash hands scientifically and prevent bird flu. Cao Chengjian, deputy director of the…

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