How to avoid the muddy bathroom?

Some bath towels have become a problem for the pipes, because they collapse the drainage systems.

The problem arises due to the improper use of the wipes, when instead of depositing them in the rubbish bin they are thrown into the toilet. This is a difficult task to control, especially in the toilets with a lot of crowds, such as campsites, hotels or restaurants.

In these cases it is not strange to find jams in the pipes at the hours of more use of the toilets and many have to remain inoperative for a long period of time, causing discomfort to customers, users or visitors to the facilities.
The solution: biodegradable towels

It is difficult to control that the users throw the towels in the rubbish bin and not in the toilet. For this reason we find on the market products that solve the problem and avoid these incidents at the hours of maximum influx of facilities.
The easiest solution is the biodegradable wipes that, when thrown into the toilet, dissolve completely and fast with the movement of the water.

The difference between conventional wipes and these towels is that the first ones are manufactured with a mixture of synthetic fibers that is very difficult to break down.

On the other hand, the biodegradable ones are soluble. They are made of a raw material of fast dissolution when coming in contact with the water of the toilet. The transformation is already started in the same toilet bowl, so that only fine particles arrive at the pipes.

We reduce maintenance costs

Easy Flush towels are an example of biodegradable, Katrin brand, an international company specialized in the manufacture of cellulose. Easy Flush, despite its high solubility, is a very soft, touch-resistant towel that offers the quality that is needed to satisfy the users. Avoiding clogging means reducing maintenance costs and repairs and, above all, discomforts in peaks of work.
With this product you can easily avoid jams problems and reduce resources for maintenance and at the same time increase user satisfaction.