How to protect before and after school starts?

hygiene in school gyms

The national epidemic prevention and control situation continues to improve, and September is about to begin, and the “school season” will begin in various places. What preparations should be made before and after school starts? Looking down, this guide to epidemic prevention at the beginning of school You should understand ↓↓ Before school starts School…

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World Handwashing Day: Attention! Washing your hand is not a small thing

hand washing day

October 15th is World Handwashing Day. Some people will think, “Where there is so much attention to washing your hands, just put it under the faucet.” Although we wash our hands every day, most people don’t know how to wash their hands properly and scientifically, even “washing more dirty” . Are you really doing the…

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How to avoid the muddy bathroom?


Some bath towels have become a problem for the pipes, because they collapse the drainage systems. The problem arises due to the improper use of the wipes, when instead of depositing them in the rubbish bin they are thrown into the toilet. This is a difficult task to control, especially in the toilets with a…

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