How to keep hygiene in school gyms?

Cleaning, eliminating bad odors and personal hygiene are three basic pillars to keep school gyms in order.

The problem related to hygiene that we find in school gyms does not differ much from that in conventional gyms or sports centers.
The type of public is one of the main differences and, after all, determining to carry out the cleaning and disinfection.
Another conditioning factor is that the gym is integrated within the school complex. So, in the same way that we try to preserve optimal levels of hygiene in the classroom, we must do the same in school gyms.
Next, we differentiate the cleaning in two areas: the gymnasium or sports center itself (where the activity takes place) and that of the changing rooms.

Ecological cleaners and disinfectants for the gym area
In the gym area it is important to clean and disinfect both the elements intended for sport (balls, bars, ribbons …) and the most common surfaces.
In these cases, cleaning and disinfection of the soil frequently makes school gyms healthier spaces since, this is the perfect seat for dirt and germs generated.
For cleaning the use of ecological cleaners is recommended, while for disinfection we must opt ​​for a product with low levels of toxicity.

Disinfectants composed of quaternary ammoniums are a good option.

Fungicides in changing rooms

For the cleaning and disinfection of changing rooms we can also opt for ecological cleaners.
But as regards disinfectants, those that represent the best choice are those of a fungicidal nature.
Body sweat added to the moisture in showers and changing rooms are the perfect breeding ground for the appearance of germs in general and fungi in particular.

Odor eliminators and air fresheners in school gyms

How could it be otherwise, both the gym area and the locker room tend to present odoriferous contamination.
In previous articles we already commented that the continuous exposure to bad odors results in headaches and lack of concentration.
Microdor is an odor eliminator with low levels of toxicity that, unlike air fresheners, eradicates bad odors.
On the other hand, we can also use air fresheners to prevent odor pollution.
Personal hygiene in school gyms

Personal hygiene is an aspect that does not depend on the staff in charge of cleaning but that conditions, in one way or another, the hygiene of the space itself.
Therefore, it is important to provide soaps for showers in changing rooms and adequate equipment for personal hygiene.
In this sense, hand hygiene also plays a very important role.

If you need to comply with hygiene information in other areas of the school you can consult our guide for cleaning and disinfection in schools.