How to Stop Gym Germs Before They Harm Your Members

Alt: a woman touching a cardio machine.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses, including gyms, had to figure out how to protect their employees and gym members. Unfortunately, one of the main obstacles gyms face is related to ensuring gym members’ adherence to hygienic measures. Namely, while exercising, people tend to forget or neglect gym safety regulations. For this…

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Disinfectants for gym weight machines

Disinfectants in gym

Disinfectants for fitness machines and other elements of the gym must have a great fungicidal activity to combat germs from sweat. Gyms can house large amounts of germs, especially fungi, sweat and environmental moisture. And the weight rooms and their machines in particular, are one of the spaces that present the greatest risks of contagion.…

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How to keep hygiene in school gyms?

hygiene in school gyms

Cleaning, eliminating bad odors and personal hygiene are three basic pillars to keep school gyms in order. The problem related to hygiene that we find in school gyms does not differ much from that in conventional gyms or sports centers. The type of public is one of the main differences and, after all, determining to…

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