How to Teach Your Kids the Importance of Good Hygiene

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How to Teach Your Kids the Importance of Good Hygiene

Maintaining good personal hygiene helps us boost our immune system and prevents the spread of infectious diseases. With school starting soon and a virus on the loose, now is the best time to teach your kids the importance of good hygiene. No matter what age the kids are, teaching them how to protect themselves is our responsibility as their parents and guardians.

When to teach your kids about hygiene

Keeping good hygiene should be taught from a young age, just like any other good habit that kids should learn. Start with small lessons when they are toddlers and make it fun for them. For example, let your little ones bring their toys with them when they are bathing. Toys are an excellent method to capture children’s attention and can be used to show proper hygiene practices. After they grow a bit, make sure you supervise them or check on them from time to time. Some kids despise washing, so they may do it quickly and ignore certain parts of their body to get through it faster.

Food hygiene for children

Our eating habits can be dangerous for our and our children’s health. Therefore, knowing how to teach kids the importance of good hygiene when handling food is very important. Begin by defining germs and bacteria and highlighting the importance of washing hands before and after eating. Continue by showing them how they should wash their hands properly. For instance, go with them to the sink and exemplify yourself. Turn on the water, wet your hands, rub your hands with soap for 1-2 minutes and rinse well with water. Also, always use a clean towel to dry your hands.

Leading by example is the best way to create a healthy hygiene routine for your kids. Hence, wash your hands as often as you can when you are in the kitchen. When handling raw meat or vegetables or if you are using the bathroom while cooking. Furthermore, wash the dishes with detergent and keep all food in clean, covered containers. Keep in mind that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, make sure you avoid food poisoning or infections by keeping good food hygiene.

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Personal hygiene for kids

A clean body is a healthy body. That is why taking care of it by having good personal hygiene means more than just looking presentable. So, teach your kids the importance of good hygiene by explaining how to clean each part of their bodies.

Keeping a clean skin

Our skin is our biggest organ, and its primary function is to protect our inside organs. By keeping our skin clean, we help it fight off microorganisms that can harm us. Therefore, teach tour kids how to bathe properly and how to clean each part. Firstly, explain the importance of washing their face in the morning. Don’t miss out on the importance of cleaning their ears and neck. Then continue by naming all the body parts they should pay attention to when bathing. Arms, legs, armpits, joints, back, groin, elbows, and knees. Also, mention that, for good personal hygiene, they should take a bath or shower twice each day. In the beginning, monitor them and ensure they understood how to do it properly. Then you can check on them from time to time and reward them if they are doing a good job.

Baby showering to maintain good hygiene.

Teaching your kids the importance of good personal hygiene will keep them healthy.

Washing hair

Taking care of our hair prevents us from having scalp infections or lice. Teach your kids to wash their hair at least twice a week. Show them how to use shampoo and explain that they should rinse their hair thoroughly with water. In addition, if they have long hair, tell your kids to keep it tied up to avoid the accumulation of dirt and grease. Furthermore, they should learn not to share personal objects like hairbrushes or hats.

Oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is as important as keeping your hair and body clean. Our mouths can be the entryway for bacteria, especially when there are cavities. Therefore, teach your children about the importance of brushing their teeth twice a day. To make it a pleasant experience, they can use flavored toothpaste. Show them how to use dental floss and how to clean their mouth after eating. Besides all this, make them an appointment with a dentist every six months.

Caption: Teaching your kids the importance of good personal hygiene will keep them healthy.

Teach childre brush teeth to keep dental hygiene

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Having a hygienic home

It is easier to teach your kids the importance of good hygiene if they live in a clean and disinfected home. Make sure to clean the house and teach your kids how to keep it and themselves clean. For example, after eating, they should put their dishes in the sink and clean the area where they spilled food or liquids. Also, teach them how to use the restroom properly. Flushing after going to the toilet, throwing away dirty tissues in the bin, and so on. Not to mention making sure they are wearing clean clothes. They must understand that they can’t wear dirty clothes and they have to change them every day.

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Staying healthy and hygienic when moving

It can be harder to keep a clean environment for your kids if you are not in the house, but it is not impossible. For example, if you have to move, teach your kids the importance of good hygiene by using hand sanitizer. You could make it more pleasant by using scented ones and play a game that requires rubbing hands. Also, children must eat enough and sleep as much as they need while on the road. Staying healthy while moving is essential as it will let you start your new life in a new home on the right foot. Resting well, having a good diet, and maintaining good hygiene can help you and your children relocate without risking health. Make an adventure out of your move, but make sure to keep yourselves safe and healthy at the same time.

How to teach kids good hygiene

While adults know how to protect and take care of themselves, things are different with children. Keeping good hygiene has to be taught and supervised, especially with smaller kids. While trying to convince children to wash their hands regularly, use the power of example to make it more effective. First of all, kids look up and imitate their parents, and secondly, you can make it look like a game. For example, use glitter to exemplify how bacteria sticks to their hands and then help them wash it away. Have fun while you teach your kids the importance of good hygiene.

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