How to Teach Your Kids the Importance of Good Hygiene

Alt: Parent teaching a kid the importance of good hygiene.

How to Teach Your Kids the Importance of Good Hygiene Maintaining good personal hygiene helps us boost our immune system and prevents the spread of infectious diseases. With school starting soon and a virus on the loose, now is the best time to teach your kids the importance of good hygiene. No matter what age…

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Guidelines to ensure hygiene in school canteens

school food hygiene

Hygiene in school canteens depends on factors ranging from personal hygiene of workers to products used for cleaning. Food regulations are increasingly demanding, but when the pressure for food security meets an audience as susceptible as children, hygiene becomes a priority as well as an obligation. When it comes to ensuring hygiene in school canteens,…

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Peak season of Noro virus

Norovirus prevention tips

Recently, there have been frequent occurrences of collective events such as norovirus causing gastrointestinal inflammation. How to prevent the arrival of Norovirus? Entering autumn and winter, it is the high season of infectious diseases such as hand, foot and mouth disease, influenza and noro. The campus is a key place. Students are susceptible people. It…

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