Hygiene in the work canteen

The use of cellulose and tablecloths for use, as well as an adequate replacement of the scourers help to improve the hygiene of the work canteen.

The work canteen is the place where we disconnect (even for a short time) from our work routine and connect with colleagues.
It could be said that the work canteen is associated with the welfare of the worker during the working day.
Hygiene is something that goes quite unnoticed (especially when carried out correctly) but, nevertheless, plays a fundamental role when it comes to completing well-being.
Here are several guidelines for hygiene in the work canteen.

Dispensers for dishwashing detergents
As for the characteristics of the soap or detergent, it must contain a high degreasing power, taking into account the type of waste to be removed.
The replacement of the soap will be carried out by the person in charge of cleaning or maintenance to avoid cross contamination problems.

Replace the scourers once a week

As a general rule, it is recommended to replace scourers and sponges once a week.
Taking into account that its use is much more widespread in the work canteen (they are used by many people at the end of the week), the maximum time to replace the scourers or sponges is one week, it is recommended to even change them more frequently.
These, in addition, should be stored in a place that allows perspiration to prevent the proliferation of germs generated by moisture. But they must also be protected to preserve their own hygiene.

Disposable paper tablecloths for tables

Disposable paper tablecloths are the most hygienic option to protect the tables.
Most of the time, tablecloths get dirty during meals and, therefore, the best option is to discard them after use. So we don’t have to worry about keeping them clean.
We recommend paper tablecloths in particular because they adapt to the measures of the table (we cut them as appropriate) and they are also recyclable.
Cellulose for drying hands and dishes