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When trying to get rid of bacteria, soap and water could be the best solution. The problem is they might not always be available to use. This is especially true when talking about a busy work atmosphere. This is unfortunate, as offices are also the places where you come in contact with a lot of people and where things pass from hand to hand. Meaning that the risk of infection is higher. To prevent the spread of bacteria in a work environment, it is essential to place hand sanitizer dispensers strategically around the place. Make sure that they are visible and easily reachable to employees but to anyone else entering or leaving the office as well.

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How to keep things sanitary during an office move


If you are moving to a new office, it is essential not to get ill in the process. There are ways to avoid getting sick during a move. And proper sanitation is a big part of that. Thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting every surface is just as crucial as frequently washing your hands. Besides the new office space, it is essential to keep things sanitary on a moving day as well.


To reduce the chance of getting ill during your relocation process, you need to pick the right time of the year to do so as well. And if you are wondering what the best time to move a business is, summer is perfect for this. As colder months tend to bring with them outbreaks of viral infections such as common flue and, more recently, the Coronavirus too. Therefore, moving your office during the warmer period will help with lowering the chance of infection.

Where should business owners put up hand sanitizer dispensers?


Let’s say you are starting a small business or have recently acquired new office space. On top of everything else, you will need to make sure that the work environment is hygienic. This means that you will need to procure some sanitation products such as soaps, paper tissues, and hand sanitizer dispensers. Of the latter, you can find a wide variety of options online. To figure out how many dispensers you will need, it is crucial to know where exactly you should put them.


If your office does not already have sanitizer dispensers placed, you have probably moved to it recently and didn’t have an opportunity to place them yet. In the experience of a moving company such as, planning is a crucial part of an office move. This means that you should find the right place to put the hand sanitizer dispensers before you start using the new office.


The general rule is to place them in areas that are most frequented by people. Depending on the type of business you own and on the layout of the office, this will differ. Taking this into consideration, there are still some points that make sense to be covered in most cases. And to further reduce the chance of germ spreading and improve office hand hygiene, it is a good idea to use automated dispensers that don’t require touch to activate. Once you have the sanitizers, you should try to place them in some of the following locations.



While it was previously stated that soap and water do the job of getting read of germs just fine, you should still place the sanitizing dispensers in restrooms. This is the case since many people tend to skip washing their hands after going to the bathroom. Sometimes it is due to lacking a way to dry them afterward. If paper tissue has been used up and not replaced, for example. Therefore it is an excellent sanitary practice to have an alternative means of hand cleaning available for use. As some skip washing hands due to a lack of time, having a hand sanitizer placed in a restroom will increase the chance that they’ll use it.


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Entrances and exits


Doorknobs have a great potential to spread viruses and bacteria because of how often they are being touched. It is an ideal situation to have an automated door. This is can’t always the case. And it is not practical or feasible to have it on every door in a building. What you can do is place sanitizing dispensers on the wall near the most frequently used doors. Consider putting up a sign to tell people to sanitize their hands before they touch a doorknob.


Break Rooms and Cafeterias


Arguably the most critical time for washing your hands is before you eat. As office breaks tend to be short, people might decide that going to the bathroom is a waste of precious time. Therefore it is important to have hand sanitizer dispensers installed in break rooms or any other type of dining area. You can further reduce the risk of disease spreading in places like this. You can do so by informing your employees about common hygiene myths and avoid them starting but not limited to the 5 seconds rule.


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Automatic hand sanitiser dispenser


If your office has more than one floor, you should most definitely place a hand sanitizer in an elevator. Everybody going up or down will be touching the buttons with their bare hands. And if it takes a bit more time to get to the desired floor, people will recline on the walls of the elevator as well. And some particularly unhygienic individuals might even pick their noses to pass the time.


Counters and reception areas


Dirty money is not just an empty saying. With the number of hands, one bill can go through in the span of just one day, not even considering since it had been printed, money is probably one of the most unsanitary things in your pocket besides your phone. Hence, if your office includes an area that involves money transactions, place hand sanitizer dispensers in it and make sure that they are full.


Final words

We hope our guide to the ideal locations for hand sanitizer dispensers will give you some much-needed insight. When it comes to clean hands, you can’t go wrong with doing as much as possible to keep everyone in the office safe.


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