Ways to Avoid Getting Sick During a Move

Moves are immensely stressful, physically demanding, and they put you in direct contact with a large number of strangers right in your own home. This means that your health is at serious risk for the project’s duration. If you are not careful, it is even possible for your immune system to become weakened, too. To prevent this, it is vital to be familiar with ways to avoid getting sick during a move.

Avoid allergies

One of the most significant contributors to sickness during a move is allergies. They make you absolutely miserable and weaken your immune system simultaneously. The real issue is how difficult avoiding them can be. Even moving things and furniture around can send dust flying all over a room. And that is just step one of preparing for the relocation! Not to mention the fact that you will be going to a brand-new home whose actual cleanliness you can’t be sure of. If you suffer from allergies, your best bet to avoid getting sick during a move would be to hire packing and cleaning services and let them deal with things.

Sanitize everything

Sanitizing your things during a move might seem like an uphill battle. But it is the only way to ensure you and your movers stay healthy both during the process and after! Movers visit different households constantly. And even if they do everything right, the odds are overwhelmingly against them regarding germs, viruses, and bacteria. This is why keeping yourself and your belongings sanitized is down to your efforts.

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Plan ahead but do not obsess

Stress is not exactly deadly on its own. But it is a potential trigger for a whole host of medical emergencies. This is why it is essential to have a handle on it if you want to avoid getting sick during a move. And one of the best ways to do this is by planning out your relocation! Planning is not only good for keeping you calm and centered. You can look into eco-friendly storage and ensure you are using sustainable solutions, too. Or take the time to separate the old items you are no longer using and donate them.

Wear suitable clothing

Considering how physically active you are likely to be while working on your move, you will probably not feel cold. Yet that does not mean the cold will magically stop affecting you! So, even if you do not feel the need for it, dress properly. Prioritize dressing in layers since that is the best way to trap the heat. Of course, if you are working during the peak of summer, you would have the opposite problem: keeping cool. Still, it is better to wear somewhat protective clothing and cool off through other means than to walk around without protection from the sun.

Get enough sleep

If you want to avoid getting sick during a move, you need to avoid the pitfall of missing sleep. It happens to many people who are stressing or just trying to work extra hard in preparation for a move. But getting a few extra hours of work in will not help you as much as a whole night of sleep will! If anything, your productivity and efficiency will drop continuously the longer you go without sufficient rest.

Eat and drink properly

If you forget to get enough food and water, you will eventually run out of steam. Not to mention that the state of your immune system will be in complete shambles! There is a reason your body craves sustenance: it is the only way to continue working. If you do not provide your body with enough nutrients, it is nearly impossible to avoid getting sick during a move.

Get some vitamins

People tend to avoid taking supplements on most occasions. However, there is no reason to do this! They can help energize your body and give your immune system a boost. Even if your diet is perfectly balanced on ordinary occasions, it is hard to keep up the same level of diligence when going through the chaos of a move. This is why vitamin supplements need to pick up the slack and get you through the period in perfect health.

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Take proper precautions

Just because you will be in your own home does not mean you should not observe the standard rules the pandemic has already taught us. Get all the products you need to protect yourself! Offer hand sanitizers to your movers. Wear a mask throughout your interactions with them. You might even want to look into getting some shoe covers to stop your movers from trekking dirt and germs into your home. They do not have time to get their shoes off every time they go in and out of your home, after all.

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Keep your home ventilated

Even all the hygiene products in the world can’t help keep every corner of your home virus-free. This is why it is essential to keep your home well ventilated and let the air continuously circulate. In other words, keep your windows open for the duration of your moving day! By doing so, you will air out the rooms and ensure that most airborne threats are eliminated from your home. Of course, to avoid getting sick during a move, it is vital to sanitize properly. But it is only possible to keep healthy by combining all of our tips.

Final warnings and advice

Now that you are acquainted with the ways to avoid getting sick during a move, you should be much safer. Just remember that you cannot afford to believe you will be just fine if you decide to skip some of the advice! And it is always wise to stick to the guidelines even a couple of days after your move to make sure you have made it through unscathed.

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