Automatic Stainless Steel Foam Soap & Sanitizer Dispenser DT 800FS

Product Details:

Touch-free stainless steel foam soap & sanitizer dispenser
ON/OFF switch : infrared sensor
Dispensing volume : 1.1~1.2ml
IR sensing distance : 5~15cm
Capacity : 800ml
Material : 304 stainless steel
One-off pouch or bottle cartridge is available



1. Smart intelligent electronics skill being adopted ensure sits high performance. No contact, to effectively prevent cross-infection of bacteria, prevent human damage & waste.
2. Because of advanced pump fit to all kinds of foam liquid can be applicable, like shampoo, liquid soap, foam sanitizer, etc.
3. Power consumption is very low, battery life reaches more than 100,000 cycles.
4. Flashing LED indicates low battery.
5. There is a device for protect from stealing off.
6. Primary application: school, commercial center, health care, institutions, hospitals, office, hotel, food factory & etc.

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