Elbow Sanitizer Dispenser DM 900S

Product Details:

Elbow sanitizer dispenser
Capability: 1000ml
Material: 304 stainless steel
Diameter of elbow pressing rod: 5mm
Thickness of stainless steel cover: 1.2mm


  • This ADA compliant heavy duty stainless steel elbow press hand sanitizer dispenser is a safe and effective way of making sure you practice good hand hygiene.
  • Great For high traffic areas- keeping people safe is the main priority and this disinfectant dispenser gets the job done quickly. This elbow operated sanitizer dispenser in frequently installed high traffic areas like hospitals, bathrooms, restaurants, offices or you’re your Home!
  • Heavy duty- constructed with premium quality stainless steel disinfectant dispenser is built to last even after continuous use. Its resistant to impact, heat insuring it stays in good condition for long term use.
  • Leak free-pump design, our dispensers are created to reduce leaky valves eliminating your need to clean up any messes.
  • Site window – now you can easily tell when soap levels are low with this premium elbow press dispenser. Plus it comes with a lock and key so its secure as well as an on and off switch.


  1. Elbow operated: Simple, hygienic and convenient
  2. Safe and reliable:Made of food grade 304 stainless steel or medical grade 316 stainless steel, stronger than plastic & aluminum type dispenser.
  3. Workable with 500ml & 1000ml Euro bottle
  4. Simple classic design make it more durable and applicable to more installation site, like hospital, clinic, health care centre, school, shopping mall, etc.
  5. High Cost effective: one dispenser dual use. DM900S is workable with both 500ml and 1000ml bottle.

elbow operated disinfectant dispenser, elbow press sanitizer dispenser


Elbow disinfectant dispenser, elbow press sanitiser dispenser

elbow operated soap disinfectant dispenser

elbow dispenser DM900S adjustable

elbow dispenser DM900S adjustable

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