Wall Mounted High Capacity Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Product Details:

High Trafic Hand Soap & Sanitizer Dispenser
Dispensing volume : 2~3ml
IR sensing distance : 8~12cm (Adjustable)
Capacity : 3000ml

Material : ABS plastic (Stainless Steel available)
One-off Pouch


Our touchless sanitiser dispenser capacity is range from 450ml to 3000ml, for different market demand, and all of the automatic dispneser is using the same mature technology. Here’s the brief inrtoduction of the automatic dispenser’s advantage:

  1. Mature production technology. The smart technology is considered from customer’s safety, hygiene and healthy, it is preventing any venture and security risk because the chemistry and mechanism of dispenser are 100% separate, avoid contamination.
  2. Low power consumption. Over 3 times’s lower than average, the battery life reaches more than 150,000 times, while the average is30, 000 times
  3. Patent of modular design. Easy to install and maintain with less labor and less work hours.
  4. Safe & durable material. The material uses 100%Fresh Taiwan Qi Mei 757 ABS engineerplastic with long life usage, Impact Resistance and Chemical Resistance. Not recycled senond-hand material that easy to broken
  5. Silent working sound. Compare with peers’s automatic dispenser the working sound is quite low and there is almost no mechanical sound.


1. Smart intelligent electronics skill being adopted ensure sits high performance. Touch-free, stop the spread of germs.
2. Because of advanced pump fit to all kinds of liquid can be applicable, like shampoo, liquid soap, sanitizer, etc.
3. Power consumption is very low, battery life reaches more than 150,000 cycles.
4. Flashing LED indicates low battery.
5. Lockable
6. Primary application: High trafic public hand hygiene required places, like school, commercial center,  hospitals, office, hotel, food factory & etc.

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