How to protect before and after school starts?

hygiene in school gyms

The national epidemic prevention and control situation continues to improve, and September is about to begin, and the “school season” will begin in various places. What preparations should be made before and after school starts? Looking down, this guide to epidemic prevention at the beginning of school You should understand ↓↓ Before school starts School…

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How to prevent flu and colds?

cold, flu, clean, hygiene

During the coldest months, it is when part of the population suffers from the effects of viral diseases such as colds or flu. These diseases affect us all, but there are segments of the most vulnerable population such as: children, the elderly, people with serious or chronic diseases and professionals working with these groups. In…

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Hand hygiene solution in schools

hand washing steps

It has been shown that with good hand hygiene we prevent the spread of gastrointestinal, respiratory and food poisoning in general. For this reason it is so important to create healthy work spaces and promote good hygiene habits for young people from an early age. In schools and kindergartens, students often work with their hands;…

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Why is hand hygiene so important?

hand hygiene, disinfectant, wash

Thousands of people die every day worldwide due to infections acquired during their health care. The hands are the main vehicle of microbial transmission during health care. Therefore, hand hygiene is the most important measure to prevent the transmission of pathogenic germs and prevent infections associated with health care. Any healthcare worker, caregiver or person…

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