Disinfectants for gym weight machines

Disinfectants in gym

Disinfectants for fitness machines and other elements of the gym must have a great fungicidal activity to combat germs from sweat. Gyms can house large amounts of germs, especially fungi, sweat and environmental moisture. And the weight rooms and their machines in particular, are one of the spaces that present the greatest risks of contagion.…

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Guidelines to ensure hygiene in school canteens

school food hygiene

Hygiene in school canteens depends on factors ranging from personal hygiene of workers to products used for cleaning. Food regulations are increasingly demanding, but when the pressure for food security meets an audience as susceptible as children, hygiene becomes a priority as well as an obligation. When it comes to ensuring hygiene in school canteens,…

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What are the factors that affect the disinfection effect?

sanitizer, sanitise

When disinfecting (sterilization), in addition to paying attention to the nature and characteristics of the disinfection method itself, it is also necessary to pay attention to the influence of the use method and external factors on the disinfection effect. Regardless of the toxic method used, the disinfection effect will be affected by many factors. The…

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