Disinfectants for gym weight machines

Disinfectants for fitness machines and other elements of the gym must have a great fungicidal activity to combat germs from sweat.

Gyms can house large amounts of germs, especially fungi, sweat and environmental moisture.
And the weight rooms and their machines in particular, are one of the spaces that present the greatest risks of contagion.
In previous articles we have already commented that the fact of drying the sweat with cellulose helps to stop the proliferation of germs because, unlike towels, the paper is discarded after its use.
But in addition to cleaning the gym and other gym surfaces, it is important to disinfect them to offer users a safer experience.
In this space, the staff in charge of cleaning and maintenance is facing a great challenge: choosing a suitable disinfectant as well as an effective one.
And is that many disinfectants offer great activity, but are not compatible with certain surfaces, damaging them.

Nosocomia, the disinfectant for fitness machines and other elements in gym

Nosocomia is a disinfectant product that meets all the necessary requirements for the disinfection of bodybuilding machines in the gym. Next, we explain why:
COMPATIBLE WITH ALL SURFACES. The Nosocomia disinfectant is formulated based on quaternary ammoniums and this makes it a product suitable for all types of surfaces, including metallic ones.
If you want, you can consult our table on the uses of disinfectants according to their composition.

EASY AND QUICK APPLICATION. The disinfectant is prepared in spray format for direct application. Thus, we avoid having to dilute it and find a support to apply it.

NO NEED FOR CLEARING. Nosocomia leaves no trace and does not require rinsing after use. Simply simply spread it across the surface on a cloth, preferably non-woven fabric, and let it act on its own.

DETERGENT CAPACITY. In addition to disinfectant, Nosocomia has detergent agents. This means that, in addition to disinfecting, it removes any remaining dirt that may remain.
Even so, it is important to remember that cleaning and disinfecting are two different processes and must be carried out in the proper order.