The impact of hand hygiene on geriatric homes

Women's day

Generally the health of the elderly is more vulnerable. An intestinal infection or a respiratory virus can lead to more complications and a longer recovery. 80% of all infections are transmitted through the hands. Washing your hands can prevent the transmission of respiratory viruses, influenza virus, enterovirus and respiratory syncytial virus, among others, as well…

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How to do hand disinfection in food production workshop

Food production

Please find 3 main ways for hand hygiene in food processing workshop as below: 1. Alcohol disinfectant: Concentration 73-75%, disinfected by spray-type opponent (dry hand). Alcohol disinfectant recommended: edible alcohol preparation For important positions that require long-term hand contact with food, it is recommended to perform alcohol disinfection once an hour. 2. chlorine disinfectant: concentration…

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