How to do hand disinfection in food production workshop

Please find 3 main ways for hand hygiene in food processing workshop as below:
1. Alcohol disinfectant: Concentration 73-75%, disinfected by spray-type opponent (dry hand).

Alcohol disinfectant recommended: edible alcohol preparation

For important positions that require long-term hand contact with food, it is recommended to perform alcohol disinfection once an hour.

2. chlorine disinfectant: concentration 50-100ppm, using the soaking method of the hand (clean) for disinfection.

Chlorine disinfectant recommended: chlorine dioxide preparation

According to the different concentrations of the preparation, the disinfection soaking time should be adjusted accordingly: 50ppm is recommended, soaked for 30 seconds; 100ppm, soaked for 10 seconds.

It is recommended to use the residual chlorine test paper to monitor the concentration of the disinfectant and replace the disinfectant every 3 hours. The frequency of replacement can be adjusted according to the monitoring results and the number of people in the workshop.

3. No matter which kind of disinfectant is used, if you want to achieve good disinfection effect, you must formulate a reasonable and standardized hand washing disinfection process:

hand washing steps

hand washing steps from Deb group & WHO

Washing hands with water–soap washing hands (can be used to illustrate the hand washing instructions)–Clean water washing soap–disinfecting disinfection solution–washing with clean water–dry hands (recommended automatic dryer)–alcohol spray disinfection