How to prevent hand, foot and mouth disease?

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Hand, foot and mouth is a common infectious disease with a strong transmission ability, and it occurs frequently in infants and young children. Hand, foot and mouth disease is mainly spread through food, nose and mouth droplets and contact. Therefore, prevention of hand, foot and mouth disease is very important. So, how to prevent hand,…

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How to choose the right hand sanitizer?

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Recently, parents of a kindergarten in Shenzhen found that spots and fading on their children’s clothes were suspected of being corroded. The children also said that the water used in kindergarten washing was smelly. After consultation with parents, it was learned that the kindergarten used a strong disinfectant powder to wash the hands of the…

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How to choose the right Hand Hygiene Dispensers

Hospital hygiene standard

While each manufacturer typically will give their individual ‘take’ on a hand hygiene dispenser at the end of the day they can be broken down into three main categories: bulk fill, automatic, and manual.  There are clear pros and cons to each, at the end of the day it is up to the customer to…

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