How to prevent hand, foot and mouth disease?

Hand, foot and mouth is a common infectious disease with a strong transmission ability, and it occurs frequently in infants and young children. Hand, foot and mouth disease is mainly spread through food, nose and mouth droplets and contact. Therefore, prevention of hand, foot and mouth disease is very important. So, how to prevent hand, foot and mouth disease? Next, Mawangbaike introduces the prevention and treatment of hand, foot and mouth disease.

1. Pay attention to food hygiene, avoid illness from the mouth, and strengthen physical exercise in normal times.

2. Avoid contact with children. If the child care institution finds a patient, it must take isolation measures; if the child has related symptoms, he should go to the medical institution for treatment in time. Children treated at home should not touch other children. Parents should dry or disinfect the children’s clothes in time, and disinfect the children’s feces in time; children with mild illness do not need to be hospitalized, and they should be treated and rested at home to reduce cross-infection. .

3. Contaminated daily necessities and eating utensils should be disinfected. Children’s feces and excrement should be soaked in 3% bleach clarified liquid. Clothes should be exposed to the sun, and the room should be ventilated.

4. Wash children’s hands with soap or hand sanitizer before meals and after going out and after going out. Do not let children drink raw water, eat raw or cold food, and avoid contact with sick children.

5. Parents should try their best to let children go to crowded public places to reduce the chance of being infected; during the epidemic period, it is not advisable to take children to public places with crowds and poor air circulation. Pay attention to keeping the family environment sanitary, and the room should be ventilated frequently, and clothes and quilts should be dried frequently. .

6. Pay attention to the nutrition and rest of infants and young children, avoid sun exposure, prevent excessive fatigue, and reduce body resistance.

7. Classrooms and dormitories should be well ventilated in popular seasons. Daily cleaning and disinfection of toys, personal hygiene utensils, tableware and other items. When cleaning or disinfecting work, workers should wear gloves and wash their hands immediately after cleaning.