There is multiple scientific evidence that shows how staff hands transmit multi-resistant bacteria and colonize hospitalized patients. Ex .: 41% of hand cultures of health workers were positive for EVR (after patient care and before hand washing) Hayden M, Clin infect diseases 2000: 31 1058-1065 EVR can be recovered from numerous patient unit sites Hayden…

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Faucets & sinks are a heaven to slime and biofilm

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Hand hygiene is a critical component of infection prevention in hospitals, but the unintended consequences include water splashing out of a sink to spread contaminants from dirty faucets according to new research being presented this week at the 46th Annual Conference of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC). Researchers at the…

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The Efficacy of Electronic Alerts and Prompts against hand hygiene compliance

hand hygiene compliance

Sometimes, an audible reminder serves as a friendly little push that most HCWs need to remind them to practice good hand hygiene. Amron Corporation’s Hand Hygiene Prompts (HHP) is a computer-based device that collects data from sensors which report room exit and entry, toilet use and hand hygiene compliance. From these data, HHP determines if…

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2019 Global Hand Washing Day

clean, hands, infection, handwashing day

Since 2008, World Handwashing Day is celebrated annually every October 15. 2008 was also designated by the United Nations General Assembly as the International Year of Sanitation. Since then, World Handwashing Day aims to extend the best hygiene practices to the entire planet. The practice of washing your hands is common in most parts of…

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The Central Military Hospital celebrates World Hand Hygiene Day

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Within the framework of World Hand Hygiene Day, the Central Military Hospital celebrated this date with the Entity’s visitors and collaborators, practicing the correct way to disinfect their hands. Bogotá D.C., May 5, 2019. – Within the framework of World Hand Hygiene Day, the Central Military Hospital committed to biosecurity sensitized the medical, administrative and…

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Using disinfectant for the hands reduces the days of illness

DESINFECTANT, children, hand washing, hospital

A recent study shows that the type and type of product that we use when washing our hands has a direct impact on how often we get sick. According to a study published in the Pediatrics Magazine. Spanish researchers demonstrated that children who used hand sanitizers instead of soap and water reduced their days of…

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Effective hand hygiene is the key to reducing nosocomial infections

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Dr. Sarah Tschudin-Sutter from the University Hospital Basel in Switzerland and colleagues tried their 15-second three-step handcuffs program in a randomized crossover trial. They recruited 20 healthy participants between the ages of 18 and 51. They are randomly assigned to four different hand rubbing techniques, including; Six-step hand hygiene 30 seconds Six-step hand hygiene 15…

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