If your hands are dirty, it is best to use soap and water

hand wash, soap, hygiene

Hand hygiene is a first-rate public health tool for parents, children, caregivers and health workers, as it avoids or minimizes the risk of contagion of all types of diseases. This was recalled last week by various health institutions, on the occasion of World Hand Hygiene Day, held on May 5. Soapy water, alcohol-based hand sanitizers…

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How to do hand disinfection in food production workshop

Food production

Please find 3 main ways for hand hygiene in food processing workshop as below: 1. Alcohol disinfectant: Concentration 73-75%, disinfected by spray-type opponent (dry hand). Alcohol disinfectant recommended: edible alcohol preparation For important positions that require long-term hand contact with food, it is recommended to perform alcohol disinfection once an hour. 2. chlorine disinfectant: concentration…

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