Hand hygiene during travel: antibacterial accessories

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When traveling, you should follow certain rules to have good hand hygiene. Thus, you will avoid 90% of the diseases that the traveler catches abroad. The turista is not a fatality! The rules are simple: drink bottled water, eat well-cooked food and … wash your hands. Yes, this step that your parents taught you as…

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10 tips for Disease prevention and hygiene during travelling

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The majority of travel-related illnesses are nausea, diarrhea, fever and dermatological problems. In all these cases, preventive measures are particularly effective. If only clean foods and drinks are consumed, you minimize the risk of intestinal infections caused by known infectious agents. 10 tips for disease prevention and hygiene during travelling: Do not eat anything that can…

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Tips for national holiday travelling

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National Day holiday seven days, many people plan to travel, it is a pleasure to go out to play, but you have to pay attention, the National Day travel should also pay attention to health care, clothing, food and shelter must be fully prepared, so that you can play healthy, do not let some emergencies…

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