Tips for national holiday travelling

National Day holiday seven days, many people plan to travel, it is a pleasure to go out to play, but you have to pay attention, the National Day travel should also pay attention to health care, clothing, food and shelter must be fully prepared, so that you can play healthy, do not let some emergencies Sweep your interest. Then what should you pay attention to during the National Day holiday? Here are the precautions for the National Day holiday, you can not ignore it!

National Day holiday notes I. Diet articles: Diet hygiene anti-poisoning in long-distance trains, cars and even airplanes, many People have the habit of carrying food with them. Some of them especially like to carry some snacks such as potato chips and fried or puffed foods or various juice drinks. In this regard, experts remind everyone that excessive intake of such foods can easily affect the normal digestion of the gastrointestinal tract, leading to gastrointestinal discomfort or acute gastroenteritis.

So, what kind of food is best for carrying on the way? Experts suggest that in addition to drinking water, you should also eat more alkaline foods, such as kelp, seaweed, soy products, as well as fresh apples, kiwi and coarse grains. Food, because these foods can play a role in eliminating fatigue. At the same time, sufficient water and vitamins can not only cope with the dryness in the compartment, but also improve the body’s immunity and help prevent constipation and other diseases.

The diet should be light during the trip, eat more fruits and vegetables to prevent constipation. Try to eat at the restaurant in your place of residence, bring your own cutlery and cups, which is convenient and hygienic. For snacks from all over the world, you should try to taste it, don’t eat too much at a time. When traveling, the water sources such as mountains, rivers, lakes, etc. must be boiled and then consumed; wild plants in the summer and autumn are flourishing, and wild plants such as wild vegetables and wild mushrooms are carefully eaten; it is strictly forbidden to eat wild animals and waters of unknown origin. Products, mushrooms and wild vegetables; when enjoying farmhouse food, eat less or try not to eat wild vegetables that you have never seen before, eat less or not cold dishes, eat hot dishes and cook them thoroughly. When you are out of town for an inconvenient meal, try to bring your own food and drinking water.