The school: a pillar to educate children in hand hygiene

Hand hygiene in school is a vital training to raise children’s awareness of the importance of personal hygiene

Public opinion is becoming increasingly aware of concepts such as “educational system”, “educational model” or “21st century education”. This is, in short, the way in which the school takes more and more part in the education of children, going one step beyond mere didactic concepts.

The school is positioned as a new figure capable of imparting values ​​to the little ones. The quality of teaching goes above the amount of matter taught. The school has sufficient power to educate its students in terms of ethics, manners and even personal hygiene.

The number of studies that show that most adults do not wash our hands properly, is becoming more and more extensive. Therefore, it is considered that this habit should be taught from childhood, raising awareness among children about the importance of personal hygiene in general and hand cleaning in particular.

It is about converting what to adults may seem an obligation into a habit that must be internalized since childhood.

More and more schools are giving talks about the importance of hygiene, trying to show their students that hand hygiene is directly related to terms of health and personal well-being. Only if we work this from the base can we get a fully aware society in the future.