How to prevent hand, foot and mouth disease?

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Hand, foot and mouth is a common infectious disease with a strong transmission ability, and it occurs frequently in infants and young children. Hand, foot and mouth disease is mainly spread through food, nose and mouth droplets and contact. Therefore, prevention of hand, foot and mouth disease is very important. So, how to prevent hand,…

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What are the factors that affect the disinfection effect?

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When disinfecting (sterilization), in addition to paying attention to the nature and characteristics of the disinfection method itself, it is also necessary to pay attention to the influence of the use method and external factors on the disinfection effect. Regardless of the toxic method used, the disinfection effect will be affected by many factors. The…

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The school: a pillar to educate children in hand hygiene

hand washing, hygiene education

Hand hygiene in school is a vital training to raise children’s awareness of the importance of personal hygiene Public opinion is becoming increasingly aware of concepts such as “educational system”, “educational model” or “21st century education”. This is, in short, the way in which the school takes more and more part in the education of…

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If your hands are dirty, it is best to use soap and water

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Hand hygiene is a first-rate public health tool for parents, children, caregivers and health workers, as it avoids or minimizes the risk of contagion of all types of diseases. This was recalled last week by various health institutions, on the occasion of World Hand Hygiene Day, held on May 5. Soapy water, alcohol-based hand sanitizers…

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What happens to the hand, foot and mouth disease epidemic in schools?

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Recently, Shanghai is in the epidemic period of hand, foot and mouth disease. There are sporadic cases in schools and kindergartens, and there are serious clustering diseases. At this time, what should parents do? The CDC has written the following FAQs based on current problems in prevention and control and parents’ questions. Q1: Where can…

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