Why every home needs to have hand sanitizer dispensers

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Poor hygiene is the cause of thousands of illnesses that get to our system through skin transmission. Thus, regular hand washes with soap and warm water as many times a day as necessary will help to keep the germs, viruses, and bacteria at bay.  In the past year and a half, during the Coronavirus outbreak, we have learned the hard way how easily health can be threatened if we don’t pay extra attention to hygiene at our jobs, communal places, and especially homes. Still, a simple hand wash can miss some pathogens, which makes us susceptible to infections; therefore, hand sanitizers are also necessary, especially in public places. Since germs and bacteria reside everywhere, we need to be sure not to bring them home with us. That’s why even with thorough hygiene, every home needs to have hand sanitizer dispensers.

The importance of hand sanitizer dispensers

From various products on the market that will make the disinfecting job easier, hand sanitizer dispensers are the leading devices that stunt infectious disease transmission. It is the fastest way to have your hands disinfected efficiently, basically anywhere. The workplace and shared surfaces are the breeding ground for viruses and bacteria to grow. Therefore, even the extra caution and high levels of hygiene maintenance cannot keep our homes safe if we don’t expand the disinfection routine there.

Caption: Even though every home needs to have hand sanitizer dispensers, it’s essential to thoroughly wash your hands often.

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The most efficient locations to install them

If we want to have the most benefits from hand sanitizer dispensers, we should install them in critical places in our homes. Naturally, entrances are the primary spots because the doorknobs are the first thing you’ll touch entering the house or an apartment. Since constant disinfection of such surfaces is impossible, installing the hand sanitizer dispenser in visible places such as entrances and exits will inhibit the spread of the germs. It will be the first thing you see, reminding you to take proper prevention steps before entering the living space.

What is more, many people invest in quality hand sanitizer dispensers after moving to a new home. It’s the first thing they install in their new property to stay healthy and safe during the relocation.

Other than the entrances, having a dispenser in the bathroom and kitchen is recommendable. These are high traffic areas, where having clean hands is crucial. Installing them in such locations will also be beneficial for others members of the household and guests that come to visit.

Hand sanitizer dispensers vs. sanitizing bottles

Unlike the other hand sanitizing means, sanitizer dispensers are the only ones with 100% certainty of not being a potential carrier of germs. Whether you’re using bottles, sprays, or another type of sanitizing container, you’re bound to touch them. Moreover, even if you disinfect your hands after touching it, you’d have to disinfect the container after every use. Considering that you could be using it five times a day, you’ll agree that’s a lot of work. It’s much simpler just to put your hands below the nozzle of the hand sanitizer dispenser. The sensor will activate the pump, which will eject the necessary amount of cleaning solution.

Caption: Having a portable disinfection solution with you at all times is good, but it doesn’t make you 100% safe from the infection

Portal floor stand dispenser

Portal floor stand dispenser, automatic sanitiser dispenser

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How to choose the right-hand sanitizer solution

Even though picking the location with the most traffic is crucial, paying attention to the type of solution you’ll use equally matters. Only those containing at least 70% of alcohol can provide the necessary protection. The higher percentage of alcohol, the higher its efficiency. In addition, every solution will have a log reduction declaration. Log reduction is a scientific term explaining the effectiveness of microbe elimination by a disinfectant. To make sure you have 99.99% efficiency chose the products that have a 5-log declaration.

The benefits of having hand sanitizer dispensers in your home

We will all agree that our health has no price tag. Therefore, we need to do whatever is in our power to have a long and enjoyable life. In addition, our hygienic negligence could have consequences on not only our well-being but our family as well. That’s why every home needs to have hand sanitizer dispensers. Other solutions will serve some purpose, but nothing is more economical and durable in the long run. Not to mention the other advantages it has:

  • you don’t have to directly touch it, rendering potential contamination through it impossible
  • gives you the necessary dosage of the sanitizer without wasting or not taking enough of it
  • creates awareness of healthy habits because when you put them on visible spots, all family members will have a reflex action to use it often
  • it is cost-effective in the long run, even though it requires a more initial investment
  • most of them come with a manufacturer’s warranty, so you don’t have to worry about malfunction and waste of money

Caption: Nothing can compare to holding hands with our loved ones. It’s essential to take preventive hygienic measures to keep them safe.

Automatic hand sanitiser dispenser

Automatic hand sanitiser dispenser

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Since your home is where you feel safest, it’s crucial to do everything to keep it like that. And being safe is not just a physical state but a state of mind as well. And even though frequently washing hands at home is excellent prevention from diseases, it’s essential to eliminate all bacteria and virus threats in these trying times of world pandemic, especially if you live with kids or the elderly. They might not have the routine or possibility to wash their hands as much as they should. Thus, providing them easily accessible solutions will make sure they are safe as well. The reasons why every home needs to have hand sanitizer dispensers are many, but the main one is that it is the most efficient and fast way to keep your family and guests protected and healthy.