Why is the public restroom the “business card” of the hotel?

The hotel’s public restroom is the place where customers visit the most. Through the health and culture there (now paying more attention to the hotel bathroom culture), the hotel’s grade and management level can be reflected. Customers often have a preliminary understanding of the hotel through this bathroom, so It is the business card of the hotel.

In the cleaning and maintenance aspects should pay attention to the following issues:

1. No water on the surface, no dirt paper scraps;

2. Washing table and faucet to keep clean, no water stains;

3. Mirror surface bright waterless stains;

4. Special attention The cleaning of the toilet and the surrounding area, it should be emphasized that the high-end hotel should be responsible for each person. Each customer should be cleaned again after the convenience. Each customer should wipe the wash basin and the surrounding area after washing the hands.

5. Use cleaning The problem of the agent should also be noted that the cleaning products with poor quality will have a pungent taste and even damage the glaze on the surface of the sanitary device. A certain grade of cleaning agent should be used to ensure the cleaning effect and the environmental taste (the taste of the bathroom is especially Important, high-end hotels are never allowed to smell in the bathroom).

A qualified bathroom should be clean, tidy and with a light fragrance. For hotels that value corporate culture, they will also pay attention to the bathroom culture, and can post some tips, decorative paintings, etc.