City disease control creation hand washing song – “hand hygiene style”

Hangzhou CDC created a hand-washing song – “hand hygiene style”, which will include “when to wash your hands”, “why should we wash our hands”, and “how to wash your hands properly” into the popular songs, let everyone sing Song has learned to wash hands scientifically and prevent bird flu.

Cao Chengjian, deputy director of the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that the hands are most likely to be exposed to various pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. If these bacteria cannot be removed promptly and effectively, they may survive in the palms, finger joints, fingertips, etc. In hours, it may even continue to grow and multiply, becoming a place for pathogens to hide and reproduce. At this time, if the contaminated hand rubs the nose and rubs the eyes without cleaning, the bacteria on the hand will take advantage of it and easily enter the human body through the respiratory tract, the nasal mucosa, and the like.

Similarly, if you don’t wash your hands, you can take things, and the bacteria such as bacteria in your hands will be transferred to the food. Eating your stomach may also cause illness. Furthermore, before using the towel, the hands are not cleaned, and the bacteria on the hand are transferred to the towel. When the face is washed, the towel contacts the mucous membrane of the eye, the nasal mucosa, etc., and the bacteria will also enter the human body.

According to a large number of studies at home and abroad, hand washing can effectively eliminate the occurrence of various infectious diseases and prevent their spread. Therefore, hand washing is internationally recognized as the most effective and simplest way to prevent and control diseases such as acute respiratory infections, diarrheal diseases, parasitic diseases (helicoses, etc.), eye infections (horizon), and skin infections (scorpions, etc.). The most economical method.

Coming here

Everyone comes to wash their hands together.

When do you want to wash your hands?

Go home, before and after meals

After shaking hands before holding the baby

When do you want to wash your hands?

After washing the doctor, wash your hands.

Wash your hands after doing housework

Do something to wash your hands

I have to touch the birds to wash my hands.

I have to sneeze to wash my hands.

We wash our hands for you

Keep away from bacteria and viruses

The disease will not follow

We wash our hands for you

Good hygiene and habits

Healthy civilization with you

How to properly wash your hands

Roll up the sleeves, wet hands

Rubbing soap, squeaking

Hand palm back with fingers

I don’t fall into one place

Wipe Wipe Wipe, Rub Rub Rub

Thirty seconds, no less

Bacterial viruses are washed away

Towel wipes dry hands

Come and come, everyone will wash their hands together.