4 mistakes we make when we go to the bathroom

bathroom clean, toilet clean

Using air dryers, not lowering the risk when pulling the chain, not washing our hands or using toilet paper incorrectly are the 4 most common mistakes we make when we go to the bathroom. That the hygiene of some public toilets leaves much to be desired is no secret. In this article we explained how…

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The normal characteristics of the skin.

Skin health

To understand the goal of hand hygiene it is essential to know the normal characteristics of the skin. The skin is normally colonized, and different areas of skin have different rates of bacterial colonies measured as: cfu / cm2; In the RN the areas of greatest colonization are: perineal-inguinal, umbilical, axillary, cervical, and lower limbs.…

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Poor hand hygiene

hand hygiene, cleaning, ecoli, bacteria, food hygiene

People not washing their hands after going to the toilet, rather than undercooked meat, is behind the spread of a key strain of E. coli. That’s according to a new study published in Lancet: Infectious Diseases. In it, a team analysed 20,000 human faecal samples and 300 blood samples plus hundreds of sewage samples, animal…

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2019 Global Hand Washing Day

Global hand washing day

2008 is the International Year of Sanitation, which was established by the UN General Assembly. It promotes the “Global Handwashing Day” initiative launched by the PPP Washing Public-Private Partnership (PPPHW), calling on countries around the world to start soaping activities on October 15 each year from 2008. The event aims to develop and support a…

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World Handwashing Day: Attention! Washing your hand is not a small thing

hand washing day

October 15th is World Handwashing Day. Some people will think, “Where there is so much attention to washing your hands, just put it under the faucet.” Although we wash our hands every day, most people don’t know how to wash their hands properly and scientifically, even “washing more dirty” . Are you really doing the…

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The Central Military Hospital celebrates World Hand Hygiene Day

hygiene, infection control, hospital

Within the framework of World Hand Hygiene Day, the Central Military Hospital celebrated this date with the Entity’s visitors and collaborators, practicing the correct way to disinfect their hands. Bogotá D.C., May 5, 2019. – Within the framework of World Hand Hygiene Day, the Central Military Hospital committed to biosecurity sensitized the medical, administrative and…

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Handwashing prevents skin infections or gastrointestinal diseases

handwashing, disease control, medical

Washing your hands properly is necessary to avoid skin infections or gastrointestinal diseases, said Dr. Morayta Ramírez, head of the infectology service at the National Medical Center November 20. “Everything we interact with every day is full of bacteria, a cell phone, for example, has 30 times more bacteria than a toilet, there are bacteria,…

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City disease control creation hand washing song – “hand hygiene style”

school, disease control, hygiene

Hangzhou CDC created a hand-washing song – “hand hygiene style”, which will include “when to wash your hands”, “why should we wash our hands”, and “how to wash your hands properly” into the popular songs, let everyone sing Song has learned to wash hands scientifically and prevent bird flu. Cao Chengjian, deputy director of the…

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